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Alumni Council

Service on the Alumni Council is one of the most rewarding ways to contribute to the effectiveness and reach of the association.

School of Nursing in the autumn leaves and mist

Alumni Advisory Council 2020-2021

Deb Carter, BS ’77, RN (President) (contact Deb)
Thomas Blackman, BS ’14 – La Grande (contact Tom)
Lauren Danahy, BS ’07 (contact Lauren)
Emily James, BS ’14 – Portland (contact Emily)
Tony Kyle, BS ’16 –Ashland (contact Tony)
Jane McEldowney, BSN ’63, RN, NCSN – Bend. OHSU Foundation Board Representative (contact Jane)
Adora McDougal, BS ’16 – Portland (contact Adora)
Peggy Wros, PhD ’93 – Portland (contact Peggy)