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School of Nursing Alumni Council

A council of alumni volunteers leads association activities and represents the voice of alumni to the OHSU School of Nursing

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Welcome OHSU School of Nursing Alumni!

Deb Carter, B.S., RN ‘77

President, OHSU School Of Nursing Alumni Council

Greetings from your School of Nursing Alumni Council,

I have the privilege of acting as president of your Alumni Council. I have enjoyed a fulfilling nursing career that began with a strong education at OHSU. The desire to give back in appreciation and the pride in the accomplishments of our school have kept me connected with it. During this time, I have seen how our school has thrived and emerged as a leader in nursing education. There is so much to be proud of.

The OHSU School of Nursing truly represents and serves the entire state of Oregon with campuses in LaGrande, Monmouth, Ashland and Klamath Falls as well as Portland, plus ties with multiple community colleges. The strong focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in support of its staff, students, programs and outreach allows the school to be truly representative. Alumni support through scholarships has played an important role in supporting these objectives.

I have seen the great increase in the school’s program offerings and graduation numbers to meet growing health care needs. This, partnered with state-of-the-art facilities and constant work to provide the most relevant education has resulted in graduates that are highly prepared to meet the healthcare needs of Oregonians. As a staff member at OHSU I have had the opportunity to work with and mentor students from our school and they are amazing! The opportunities for alumni to support students during their education and as they transition to practice are incredibly valuable and rewarding for all.

Additionally, the School of Nursing boasts multiple awardees and great research by staff, students and alums, supported by multiple grants, including some from the National Institutes of Health. Your connection with the School of Nursing and your support, in whatever way you choose, is vital. Please consider becoming or staying involved in the school to support the next generation of nursing professionals.

With warmest wishes,

Deb Carter, B.S., RN ‘77

President, OHSU School Of Nursing Alumni Council

School of Nursing Alumni Association Council

Deb Carter, B.S. ’77, RN, President

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