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Sophia & the lucky concussion

It all started last spring when Sophia Malinoski forgot to wear her mittens to soccer practice. It was cold, so she kept her hands in her pockets when she attempted to balance atop her soccer ball. And that’s why, when she lost her balance, she fell hard on her head  — no hands to break […]

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Frank Doernbecher & the gift that started it all

Frank Silas Doernbecher was a prominent businessman, furniture maker and pioneer in mass production. He moved to Portland, Oregon from Kewaskum, Wisconsin to establish the Doernbecher Manufacturing Company in 1900, which, at its peak, had a production line five miles long and was the third largest furniture manufacturer in the world. Invested in Portland’s progress, […]

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A tribute to Y.B. Talwalkar

Dr. Y.B. Talwalkar’s family describes him as a man who always knew what he wanted. Growing up in India, Dr. Talwalkar knew he wanted to be a doctor from an early age. His father died of a heart attack when he was 10, and he never lost his focus on medicine after that. The first […]

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Grace Phelps, RN: Nurse, advocate, leader

It was July 1905 in Indiana, and the doctor had lost all hope of a recovery for his patient, Silvanus Kingsley, who was suffering from typhoid fever. But his nurse, Grace Phelps, refused to give up — claiming she had not lost a typhoid patient yet and did not want to begin now. “The case […]

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Q&A with Dr. Yoon-Jae Cho

OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital has recruited Yoon-Jae Cho, M.D., thanks to a new endowed professorship from Wayne and Sandy Ericksen. Dr. Cho is the chief of the Division of Pediatric Neurology, Ericksen Family Endowed Professor for Research, and scientific director of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Program. He is also a graduate of OHSU School of […]

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