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OHSU Foundation Board of Trustees

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For information about the OHSU Foundation board of trustees, please contact Kimberly Maas, Managing Director of Board Relations.


Kelly Schrader
Kelly Schrader


iQ Credit Union, retired

Eric Dishman

Vice Chair

DishStrong Innovation, LLC

Robin Gantt
Robin Gantt


Northwest Pipe Company, retired

Aadam Hussain


Healthcare Management Administrators

Jill Eiland
Jill Eiland

Interim President

OHSU Foundation


Stephen Babson
Stephen Babson, J.D.

Endeavour Capital

Brad Blumenfeld
Brad Blumenfeld

Blumenfeld Development Group, Ltd.

Dana Braner, MD
Dana Braner, M.D., FAAP, FCCM

Credit Unions for Kids Chair, OHSU Dept of Pediatrics

OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

Jorge Casimiro
Jorge Casimiro

NIKE, Inc.

Nancy Haigwood, Ph.D.
Nancy Haigwood, Ph.D.

Board Representative, OHSU Medical Research Foundation

Kelly Hale
Kelly Kilkenny Hale

RBC Wealth Management

Damien Hall
Damien Hall, J.D.

Dunn Carney, LLP

John Hershey
John Hershey

Oregon State Treasury, retired

Penney Hoodenpyle
Penney Hoodenpyle ’63

Alumni Representative, School of Nursing

Danny Jacobs, MD
Danny Jacobs, M.D., M.P.H., FACS


Craig Kelly
Craig Kelly

Meritus Property Group

Mary Lago
Mary Lago, CTFA

Ferguson Wellman Capital Management

Priscilla Longfield
Priscilla Wold Longfield

Community Volunteer

Eric Marvin
Eric Marvin

Co-chair, Doernbecher Philanthropy Board

Xandra McKeown
Xandra McKeown

Columbia Bank, retired

Corey Morris-Singer
Corey Morris-Singer, Ph.D.

Morris-Singer Foundation

Susie Pape
Susie Papé

The Papé Group

Chad Paulson
Chad Paulson

Board Representative, OHSU Board

David Payne
David Payne

The Standard

Mike Petitt
Mike Petitt, CPA

United States Bakery

Steven Prewitt
Steven Prewitt, J.D.

Co-Chair, Doernbecher Philanthropy Board

Dylan Robinson
Dylan Robinson

Global Partners, LP

Josh Schlesinger
Josh Schlesinger

Schlesinger Companies

Barbara Silver
Barbara Silver

Silver Family Foundation

Stacey Squires
Stacey Strade Squires, CFA

Admiral Properties, LLC

Ronda Trotman
Ronda Trotman, D.M.D. ’96

Alumni Representative, School of Dentistry

Norah Verbout
Norah Verbout, Ph.D. ’08

Alumni Representative, School of Medicine

Jay Zidell
Jay Zidell

Zidell Companies

Life trustees

Jean Bates, B.S. ‘59, M.S.N. ‘71
Kenneth Berg, D.M.D. ‘57
George Caspar, M.D. ‘61, R ‘70
John Eskildsen
Jim Fearl, M.D. ‘65
Walt Grebe, J.D.
Lesley Hallick, Ph.D.
Joseph Hanna, Jr., J.D., LLM
The Honorable Betsy Johnson

Peter Kohler, M.D., D.Sc.
Robert Kraus
Ruth Layton
Joe Matarazzo, Ph.D.
Robert Murray
George Passadore
Carmen Phillips
Ronald Ragen
Daniel Regis

Joe Robertson Jr., M.D. R ‘82, M.B.A.
Richard Rubinstein
Jim Rudd
Cornelia Hayes Stevens
Phyllis Sutter
Hank Swigert
Keith Thomson
Ron Timpe

About the board

The OHSU Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of trustees comprised of civic and business leaders. Trustees are responsible for formulating long-range goals and policies for the foundation. Board members exhibit a broad range of skills and experience in order to effectively carry out their fiduciary responsibilities. Specifically, backgrounds in management, finance and audit, administration, investment and nonprofit management are beneficial, as well as an understanding of academic medical centers. Board members are philanthropically minded and support Oregon Health & Science University with significant gifts. Members are advocates for OHSU’s vital mission and have the capacity and willingness to influence others to support the organization. Board members exhibit these characteristics: intelligence, mature judgment, highest personal and professional ethics, objectivity and superior communication skills. We seek diversity in ethnicity, gender, geography and profession to bring a variety of perspectives and voices to the board.

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