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Support for Every Student

Acceptance into OHSU’s schools is a dream come true. The education that follows—life-changing. You can make a huge difference for OHSU students through scholarships and student support.

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A faculty member shows a medical student how to examine a patient in a simulation lab
Two young women in graduation cap and gown
Improving access to a life-changing OHSU education

Too many students face extraordinary challenges—and systemic barriers—to pursue an education and career in health care. Opening doors of opportunity literally changes lives. And students, in turn, change health care for the better. Through their lived experiences, ideas and passion, students are redefining health care, reimagining what’s possible, and transforming the future of health.

Meet the students

Emily Sabins

Emily Sabins

PA student Emily Sabins understands the health-related struggles rural communities face, and she is determined to be part of the solution.

Anna Abel

Anna Abel

Nursing student Anna Abel strives to increase representation in nursing education and the nursing workforce.

Aria Javaheri

Aria Javaheri

By fusing his two disparate passions together, dentistry student Aria Javaheri was able to find his path.

Support tomorrow’s health care leaders

One of OHSU’s highest priorities is ensuring that students are supported. Scholarships allow the best, brightest and most diverse students to train at OHSU and to go where our region needs them most. Scholarships:

  • break down barriers to access
  • allow OHSU to train and equip the next generation of health care leaders
  • help retain graduates in Oregon.

Through the power of endowment, the impact of scholarships will last far into the future, meaning that contributions made today will continue to support exceptional medical students for years to come.

Overhead image of students eating and talking in the atrium of a building

Why scholarships matter

Health care scholarships and direct student support are made possible through your generous help. Your donations will help OHSU:

Attract and retain the best and brightest students

The availability of financial aid often plays a big part in an applicant’s choice of dental, medical or nursing school. Scholarships enable OHSU to recognize talent and merit, attracting a more diverse student community and supporting exceptional students who could otherwise not afford to enroll here.

Meet Oregon’s changing needs

Oregon’s population has grown dramatically over the years, both in size and diversity. At the same time, a surge in retirements is driving severe shortages of health care professionals – while the state and the nation were already facing a critical nursing shortage. We must not just replace those providers we have lost – but expand the pool considerably – with graduates who possess a passion to serve in communities across Oregon and whose backgrounds mirror the profile of our state’s changing population.

Student sitting outside with fall leaves in background
Impact of scholarships

Philanthropy and scholarships help open the doors to students who would not otherwise be able to attend OHSU. Hear from five current and past students about how scholarships have impacted their education and their future.

Improving equity in medicine

Students in the School of Medicine have created a scholarship fund to help provide more access to education, so that the next generation of health care providers more accurately reflect the communities they serve throughout Oregon and beyond. You can help.

A powerful return on investment

Savvy donors want to know their gift is invested wisely. Here’s how two different gift amounts can change a student’s financial future.

$20,000/yr. scholarship over 4 years = $80,000 in giving
Impact: Eliminates $14,000 in accrued interest (7%)
10 Year Projection: -$130,970 in repayment savings due to scholarship

$50,000/yr. scholarship over 4 years = $200,000 in giving
Impact: Eliminates $35,000 in accrued interest (7%)
10 Year Projection: -$327,426 in repayment savings due to scholarship

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To learn how you can make a difference for OHSU students, please contact us.

OHSU students need your support.

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