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Saving the lives of kids

OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital is a place like no other, playing a vital role in the region with their expert and compassionate pediatric care. The children and families who rely on Doernbecher also rely on supporters like you — because none of this is possible without philanthropy.

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Your generosity will change the landscape of healthcare, research, and education, across Oregon and beyond.

Impact Areas

Your generosity supports vital and life-saving programs across OHSU, from groundbreaking cancer research to pediatric care to education.

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    Support Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

    Kids and their families come to OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital from across the region to receive the best pediatric care when they need it most.

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    Support OHSU Students

    OHSU students are the next generation of healers, caregivers and innovators, all driven by a common goal—to create a healthier future for all.

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    Support brain health

    OHSU is turning relentless research into groundbreaking therapies for patients at every stage of life.

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    Support the Knight Cardiovascular Institute

    The clinicians and scientists at the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute are leading a new revolution in cardiovascular medicine.

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    Support the Casey Eye Institute

    The OHSU Casey Eye Institute is working to create a world in which no one has to go blind.

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    Support the Knight Cancer Institute

    The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is a world leader in targeted therapy and early detection. Help us create a world free from the burden of…

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