Brain Awareness Season: A conversation with Earl Blumenauer | OHSU Foundation

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Brain Awareness Season: A conversation with Earl Blumenauer

May 13

7:00 p.m.


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Celebrating a Neuroscience Legacy: A Conversation with Congressman Earl Blumenauer

Learn more at the Brain Awareness Season website.

Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR 3rd District) has been a stalwart advocate for neuroscience research for decades. In 2010, he established the Congressional Neuroscience Caucus to enhance policies that support research and dissemination of discoveries. In 2013, the Congressman was a key advocate in establishing the BRAIN Initiative, a partnership between Federal and non-Federal entities to accelerate the development of neurotechnologies.

In this talk, Representative Blumenauer will be joined by Bonnie Nagel, Ph.D., Senior Associate Vice President for Research at OHSU, to reflect on his legacy, the successes of his policy advocacy, and what to expect in the future of federal funding. This event will also be a celebration of his tenure as we bid him best wishes in his retirement. Opening remarks will be made by John Ngai, Ph.D., Director, NIH BRAIN Initiative.

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