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Timely Topics: Emerging Potential for Psychedelic-assisted Therapy

Feb 13

12 p.m.

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Oxytocin. MDMA. Psilocybin. The recent renaissance in psychedelic research has uncovered rapidly growing evidence supporting its therapeutic potential. Psychedelic-assisted therapy is emerging as a promising treatment for a range of difficult-to-treat conditions, from substance use disorders to PTSD.

Join us for our next Timely Topics webinar, presented by three experts on the forefront of this pioneering research: Christopher Stauffer, M.D. ’10, Director of OHSU’s Social Neuroscience and Psychotherapy (SNAP) Lab, Alissa Bazinet, Ph.D., Associate Director of SNAP, and Todd Korthuis, M.D., M.P.H., Professor of Medicine at OHSU. Explore the fascinating world of psychedelic-assisted therapy and it’s potential to change the landscape of mental health treatment.

If you would like to request a recording of this webinar, please email the Alumni Team at [email protected].