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These remarkable young designers have each faced serious illness and will now inspire others and help kids at the same hospital that changed their lives. They worked hard at designing the Doernbecher Freestyle 20 collection — and are excited to share them with you.

We invite you to read on and meet the six Doernbecher Freestyle 20 patient-designers and learn more about their designs.


Age: 13
Hometown: Vancouver, Washington
Diagnosis: Low-grade glioma
Hero: My parents
Favorite movie: Any Star Wars movie
Secret talent: I’m really good at making friends
Collection hint: I design sneakers AND write songs!


Age: 8
Hometown: McMinnville, Oregon
Diagnosis: Type 1 diabetes
Favorite hobby: Playing video games
Prized possession: My Dexcom and Omnipod – they help me stay alive!
Hero: My mom
Collection hint: You’ll find my favorite sport represented on my sneaker


Age: 14
Hometown: Wilsonville, Oregon
Diagnosis: Liver transplant, biliary atresia
When I grow up: I want to play pro basketball or be a NICU nurse
What inspires me: Opportunities to help people
Dream destination: The Galapagos Islands
Collection hint: sports play a big role in my life – and on my sneaker!


Age: 9
Hometown: Tangent, Oregon
Diagnosis: Cloacal anomaly
Favorite hobbies: Board games and hiking
Surprising fact: I’m tiny but strong!
Favorite athletes: Ashima Shiraishi and all female rock climbers
Collection hint: My personality isn’t the only thing that sparkles


Age: 8
Hometown: Lebanon, Oregon
Diagnosis: Osteosarcoma
Favorite possessions: My little blankie and my pickle stuffy
Favorite color: Bright pink
Hero: Taylor Swift
Collection hint: My sneaker incorporates one of my favorite foods


Age: 11
Hometown: Battle Ground, Washington
Diagnosis: X-linked lymphoproliferative disease (XLP)
Favorite food: Fettucine alfredo
Hero: My bone marrow donor
Life goal: Make a real-life robot cat
Collection hint: My pet makes an appearance

Tima Sviridenko is a patient designer for Doernbecher Freestyle 20

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