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Education  |  Health Care

Holistic health care

When you think of going to the dentist, you likely don’t think of social work. But the OHSU School of Dentistry is changing all that with an innovative, interprofessional curriculum that focuses on ...


Discovering nursing

Sana Goldberg ’16 was set on becoming a journalist as she headed to college. But after a 10-year journey, she found herself in nursing school at OHSU where she discovered the power and role nurses p...

Education  |  Students & Alumni

Daring to dream

Christopher Ponce Campuzano was born in a small fishing town on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. His parents made tortillas; his dad also worked in the fields. It was a simple life without many opportunit...


Courageous advocate

Liam Directo is a driven, lifelong learner. An ambitious goal-setter. A passionate OHSU School of Nursing student. And a courageous advocate for transgender people. Their go-getting, fearless attitude...


Q&A with Dr. David Bangsberg, MD, MPH

We sit down with the founding dean of the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health, David Bangsberg, MD, MPH, and ask him about his vision for the school, his students, the most pressing public health issues ...


In pursuit of bigger questions

“The question you start with is very different from the question you end up with,” says Katie Lebold, a student in the joint MD/PhD program at the OHSU School of Medicine. Lebold is referring to t...

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