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Patient Stories

A shelter in the storm

Despite the physical and emotional toll of frequent trips from Grants Pass to OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital, there's a bright spot for the Scherrer family: the Rood Family Pavilion.

Patient Stories

Wonder girl

Three-year-old Aliyah nearly lost sight in her right eye after an accident. After the nearly two-year journey, Aliyah celebrated her recovery — thanks to the OHSU Casey Eye Institute.

Patient Stories

Fight through anything

Ella was born with a broken heart. She was immediately transferred to Doernbecher where her specialized health teams surgically pieced the two pieces of her heart back together.

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A life without limits

In 2005, Angela and Ryan Fischer were like any first-time expectant parents: thrilled, nervous and excited to welcome their baby daughter Elle. A 3D ultrasound during Angela’s three-month checkup re...

Patient Stories

Full of life

Eli’s body was full of cancer. Now he’s full of life. At age 2, Eli faced a cancer almost never seen in kids that age. Fortunately, his team at Doernbecher was ready to meet the challenge.

Patient Stories

A lifelong search for answers

The Knight Cancer Institute's Joe Gray, MD has a personal motivation to ensure that SMMART cancer therapy works: his wife.

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