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Patient Stories

Living life fully: Geriatrics patient Lucille Pierce 

Lucille turned 101 in 2022 and lives independently. Watch a video of Lucille and daughter Julie Huisman on the power of geriatric care.

Health Care

Q&A with Howard Song, MD, PHD

Howard Song, MD, PhD, is driven to improve the lives of his patients. Dr. Song cares for patients with heart disease and conducts research on cardiovascular disease, with a focus on improving patient ...

Patient Stories

Freestyle 2019: Ethan

Hometown: Vancouver, WA Diagnosis: congenital heart defect, heart transplant Shoe: Air Jordan XIV Retro Good luck keeping up with Ethan Ellis. This athletic, mile-a-minute guy is passionate about bask...


Gene repair: OHSU shows the world how it’s done

Shoukhrat Mitalipov, PhD, electrified the international scientific community by publishing research showing that it’s possible to repair a disease-causing gene in a human embryo.


Helping NASA’S mission to Mars

Missions to deep space involve risk. The National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) — which works with NASA — has tapped OHSU’s Jonathan Lindner, MD to find better ways to screen astro...


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