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Students & Alumni

How nurse-led care helped prepare for a pandemic

At risk of burnout and frequently unable to work at the top of her license, Nicole Bennett, DNP, PMHNP-BC ’09 envisioned a clinical practice model that cared for both the patient and provider.

Students & Alumni

Overcoming extraordinary obstacles

Naima has overcome extraordinary circumstances in her life to be where she's at today: a second-year medical student. She's now focused on opening the door for others — to help change the world.

Health Care

Dialed in: How COVID-19 fueled the growth of telemedicine

In 2019, OHSU set a goal of doubling its number of patient virtual visits each year, aiming for 16,000 visits in 2020 — an ambitious target. COVID-19 changed that.

Health Care

Calling the shots

Meet a nurse who helps COVID-19 Connected Care Center callers find their way — and keeps the community safe through phone assessments and by providing vaccine information.


Magazine: Onward, Spring 2021

$2 billion for better health — thanks to you. Profile of Becky Scherrer and son Zeke of Grants Pass on how the Rood Family Pavilion offers comfort, convenience and caring. Roundhouse Foundation and ...

Donor Stories

The inspiration effect

Meet Gary and Christine Rood, the driving force behind the Rood Family Pavilion. While their philanthropic journey has evolved, one thing remains unchanged: their desire to make a difference.

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