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Four questions with Zahi Mitri, MD, MS

Dr. Mitri's research is aimed at discovering and developing new therapeutics to improve outcomes for patients, particularly those with breast cancer.

Students & Alumni

Equity in Education podcast: Daniel and Nelly

Medical students Nelly Nouboussi and Daniel Tshala talk about their journey to medical school, scholarships and how they want to change the future of health care to improve equity.

Students & Alumni

The power of personal experience

Marina grew up in rural Egypt, where oral health wasn’t a priority. Once she moved to the U.S., Marina learned about oral care and how to use a toothbrush — and fell in love with dentistry.


Progress Report: 2021

In this year’s report, the stories of impact showcase OHSU’s ongoing work to create a healthier world. This work would not be possible without philanthropy.


Four questions with Cindy McEvoy, MD, MCR

Cindy McEvoy, MD, MCR, is a physician-scientist whose research focuses on improving lung function for preterm infants — even after they leave the hospital.

Patient Stories

Taking on triple negative breast cancer

After her annual mammogram, Jennifer was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer — the most aggressive form of breast cancer. Hear from Jennifer, in her own words, about her medical journey.

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