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Regional and Affinity Chapters

Find community with alumni chapters based on your region, program, or shared interests.

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Get connected with alumni chapters.

From nurses to dentists, from scientists to physicians and PAs, all OHSU alumni share a powerful connection. Wherever you live and work, alumni chapters can help you discover the community of OHSU alumni all around you. Regional and affinity alumni chapters are launching now!

Regional chapters help you connect with OHSU alumni who live in your area.

Affinity chapters help you connect with OHSU alumni who share your interests, cultural background, degree or program.

Find a chapter

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Central Oregon Alumni Chapter

Get connected with fellow central Oregon alumni to reminisce, share ideas and patient referrals, spark new friendships and have fun!

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OHSU PA Alumni Chapter

The OHSU PA Alumni Chapter is a dedicated space for PAs to come together, collaborate and support one another.

More chapters coming soon!

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