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School of Dentistry Alumni Board

A board of alumni volunteers leads association activities and represents the voice of alumni to the OHSU School of Dentistry.

School of Dentistry student consults with faculty member while treating a young patient

Greetings from the OHSU School of Dentistry Alumni Association,

It is my privilege to serve as your alumni president for the next two years. This is my second time serving in this capacity, and wow, there have been so many changes since I last served in 2004!

Dentistry has been a part of my life since I can remember. My father, Ronald Trotman, D.M.D. ’55, was an incredible influence on my decision to enter the dental profession. Initially, I entered the profession as a dental hygienist. After practicing hygiene for nearly eight years and starting my family, I returned to school to pursue my dental degree, graduating from the OHSU School of Dentistry in 1996.

As an older student, I was very aware of the time and effort my professors dedicated to ensuring each student had the knowledge and skills necessary to be a successful dental provider. Dental school was hard work and took a lot of time away from my young family, but I will be forever grateful for the education I received. Returning to school to pursue my dental degree has been one of the most important decisions I have ever made. I am a member of a profession that I am proud of, and thoroughly enjoy. My father instilled in me a strong commitment to lifelong learning, and the OHSU School of Dentistry continues to be a big part of that.

I recall my time up on the hill fondly. If you knew where to look, you could see the Willamette River from the pathology lab in the winter. Now the school is right on the south waterfront surrounded by a beautiful revitalized community, and the river is front and center – what a treasure!

My interaction with the students these past couple of years only serves to reinforce the strength of the education that the School of Dentistry is providing. Dean Ronald Sakaguchi and the committed teaching staff are graduating the dental leaders of tomorrow.

The School of Dentistry Alumni Association (SDAA) is committed to providing support to our current students and alumni. Please consider becoming involved with this effort. If you receive a call to help with one of our projects, trust we will have a clear ask, with a clear time frame. The School of Dentistry and the SDAA look forward to the future of dentistry and a commitment to support the next generation of dental professionals, as well as our treasured alumni.

Ronda Trotman, D.M.D. ’96

President, OHSU School of Dentistry Alumni Association

Get Involved

The School of Dentistry Alumni Association Board invites you to help us shape the future of our association. Interested in building community and advocating for OHSU’s mission? Contact us to learn more about active work groups around areas of engagement such as admissions, scholarships, awards, and other mission-critical initiatives.

School of Dentistry Alumni Association Board

Ronda Trotman, DMD
Ronda Trotman, D.M.D. ’96

President, Executive Committee Chair

Bruce Richardson, DMD
Bruce Richardson, D.M.D. ’77

Immediate Past-President

Greg Atack, DMD
Greg Atack, D.M.D. ’96

Allison Broyles, DMD
Allison Broyles, D.M.D. ’05

Jonathan Gold, DMD
Jonathan Gold, D.M.D. ’10

Chair, Awards Work Group

Rachel Hogan smiling and standing in front of a wood-paneled wall.
Rachel Hogan, D.M.D. ’97

John Kloucek, DMD
John Kloucek, D.M.D. ’86

OHSU Foundation Board Representative

Kyle Malloy, D.M.D. ’13, MS ’16, R ’16

Chair, Scholarship Work Group

Peter Morita, DMD
Peter Morita, D.M.D. ’86

Rita Patterson, DMD
Rita Patterson, D.M.D. ’91

Carly Petersen, DMD
Carly Petersen, D.M.D. ’19

Chair, Admissions Work Group

Susan Rustvold, DMD
Susan Rustvold, D.M.D. ’85, Ed.D.

Chair, K – 12 Work Group

Ryan Thrower, D.M.D. ’20, M.P.A.

Christina Truong, DMD
Christina Truong, D.M.D. ’19

Marina Youssef
Marina Youssef

Student Representative, Class of 2024

Robby Bergstrom
Robby Bergstrom

Student Representative, Class of 2025

Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee

Student Representative, Class of 2026