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School of Dentistry Alumni Board

A board of alumni volunteers leads association activities and represents the voice of alumni to the OHSU School of Dentistry.

School of Dentistry student consults with faculty member while treating a young patient

Welcome OHSU School of Dentistry Alumni!

Bruce Richardson, D.M.D. ’77

President, OHSU School of Dentistry Alumni Association

Greetings from the School of Dentistry Alumni Association,

It is my privilege to be your alumni president. The dental profession has always meant a great deal to me and has provided me with so much over the years. It began with my time at OHSU, and the opportunity to learn from people who worked so hard, and who gave so much to teach me to provide dental services to others. I look back at my time with the School of Dentistry with great fondness and retain many special memories and experiences.

OHSU also gave me the foundational skills that I needed to enter the profession and build a successful career. The School of Dentistry’s influence continued – and, arguably, grew – following graduation. Throughout my career, OHSU has always played an important role in supporting and influencing my practice and my ability to provide the best for my patients.

Both the dental profession and the School of Dentistry have come a long way over the years. Advances in materials science and in clinical practice have impacted dental professionals and their patients. OHSU has always kept pace with, and often led, these advances. Alone and in partnership with others, its footprint on our state and our profession has always expanded beyond the walls of its building. I see no reason why this will not change in the years to come.

Driven by an alumni community that has provided so much information and support over the years, the School of Dentistry and the Alumni Association Board look forward to building an even stronger association to help us all navigate the future with confidence and purpose. To do this well will require something from everyone. Please consider becoming involved with the Board, the School of Dentistry and the Alumni Association so others might have the chances and opportunities we were given.

With warmest wishes,

Bruce Richardson, D.M.D. ’77
President, OHSU School of Dentistry Alumni Association

Get Involved

The School of Dentistry Alumni Association Board invites you to help us shape the future of our association. Interested in building community and advocating for OHSU’s mission? Contact us to learn more about active work groups around areas of engagement such as admissions, scholarships, awards, and other mission-critical initiatives.

School of Dentistry Alumni Association Board


President: Ronda Trotman, D.M.D. ’96

Immediate Past President: Bruce Richardson, D.M.D. ’77


Greg Atack, D.M.D. ’86

Allison Broyles, D.M.D. ’05

Jonathan Gold, D.M.D. ’10

Rachel Hogan, D.M.D. ’97

Kyle Malloy, D.M.D. ’13, D.M.S. ’16, R ’16

Peter Morita, D.M.D. ’86

Rita Patterson, D.M.D. ’91

Carly Petersen, D.M.D. ’19

Susan Rustvold, D.M.D. ’85, Ed.D.

Ryan Thrower, D.M.D. ’20, M.P.A.

Christina Truong, D.M.D. ’19

Student Representatives

Robby Bergstrom, Class of 2025

Marina Youssef, Class of 2024

Brooks Hunsaker, Class of 2023