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These remarkable young designers have each faced serious illness and will now inspire others and help kids at the same hospital that changed their lives. They worked hard at designing the Doernbecher Freestyle XIX collection — and are excited to share them with you.

We invite you to read on and meet the six Doernbecher Freestyle XIX patient-designers and learn more about their designs, which were revealed at the Doernbecher Freestyle XIX unveiling and auction on Oct. 27 .

Christopher Musquiz Jr.

Christopher Musquiz Jr.

Age: 14

Hometown: Winston, Oregon

Diagnosis: Traumatic accident

Favorite sport: Football 

Perfect day: Spent at the beach with family

Favorite hobby: Woodworking

Garrett Amerson

Age: 12 

Hometown: Yamhill, Oregon 

Diagnosis: Extreme prematurity  

Favorite sport: Soccer 

Favorite hobby: Collecting hats  

Favorite school subject: Science – I hope to be a scientist when I grow up 

Garrett Amerson
Hailey Leyva

Hailey Leyva

Age: 8 

Hometown: Clackamas, Oregon 

Diagnosis: Congenital cyanotic heart disease  

Favorite sport: Gymnastics 

When I grow up: I hope to be a nurse 

My perfect day: Playing with my friends 

Hugo Covarrubias Molina

Age: 14

Hometown: Hermiston, Oregon 

Diagnosis: Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome 

Favorite sport: Football and basketball 

When I grow up: I dream of owning my own barber shop 

Favorite food: Chinese food (specifically pork fried rice and General Tsao’s chicken) 

Hugo Covarrubias Molina
Macey Bodily

Macey Bodily

Age: 15

Hometown: Yacolt, Washington 

Diagnosis: Brain tumor, narcolepsy 

Favorite color: Pink 

My perfect day: Sleeping in and baking 

Favorite school subject: American Sign Language (ASL) – I hope to be an ASL interpreter when I grow up 

Sydney Little

Age: 14

Hometown: Portland, Oregon 

Diagnosis: Juvenile idiopathic arthritis 

Favorite sport: Swimming 

My hero: Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I hope to be a lawyer when I grow up 

Favorite hobby: Drawing. My sketchbook is my most prized possession 

Sydney Little

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