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Freestyle 2017: Amyiah

Amyiah is a driven, artistic girl who believes in being true to herself. To help her walk the walk, she included the phrase STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF on the outsole of her Nike Flyknit shoe. “Those are the words I live by, because I always want to be truthful,” she said. “If someone asks you […]

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Freestyle 2017: Brody

In Brody’s world, his rare brain condition is a villain he battles every day. Essentially, his body constantly generates new blood arteries that put too much pressure inside his head. As a result, Brody has endured nine complex brain surgeries. To help him in the fight, this aspiring comic book artist dreamed up an alter […]

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Freestyle 2017: Andrew

Just try keeping up with Andrew Merydith. He runs, rides BMX and plays football to show the world that a kid with cystic fibrosis can do just about anything. “I want people to know that I’m not different,” he said. Like Andrew, his ultra-lightweight VaporMax is also built for speed. It features vibrant shades of […]

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Freestyle 2017: Tylan

Tylan Hibbard is a polite, outdoorsy guy who can usually be found with a fishing pole in his hand. Every fisherman needs a good fishing shoe, so he designed his SB Zoom Stefan Janoski with all kinds of nautical details. The laces emulate the ropes used to tie boats to the dock, while a school […]

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Freestyle 2017: Sophia

A slip of the foot at soccer practice turned an ordinary day upside down for Sophia and her family. Hanging out on the sidelines, she was practicing balancing on top of a soccer ball when she fell and hit her head. She played through practice, but left with a terrible headache and then began to […]

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Freestyle 2017: Brayden

Brayden is a friendly, athletic kid who throws a mean fast ball –– it’s been clocked at 56 mph! His baseball-themed shoe is a tribute to the game, which he hopes to play professionally one day. It features red baseball stitching, his very own logo, and some bold words that describe his playing style: BRAYDEN […]

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