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Patient Stories

The return of Ana Wakefield

She came back to say thanks. And to provide a living, walking testament to how miracles can happen. With a little help. A lot of faith. And whole lot of work. On a sunny October morning, one day short...


What is basic science?

Why do neurons die? That was what OHSU’s Marc Freeman wondered, years ago. Freeman — then a professor of neurobiology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and first and foremost a ba...

Health Care

Understanding ADHD: A Q&A with researcher Joel Nigg, PhD

Over the past decade, OHSU has built a unique, world-class ADHD research program that’s looking at the disorder from every angle – and finding promising answers. We sit down with Joel Nigg, Ph...


Vollum Institute researcher making big discoveries at warp speed

OHSU’s Vollum Institute is a scientific powerhouse, home to some of the world’s top minds dedicated to basic neuroscience research – that critical first step in developing new treatments for neu...

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